. (grandemochafrap) wrote in thequestionclub,

My 7-month-old nephew is crying and whenever he cries, my mother-in-law always says "Heeeeey, heyheyheyheyhey" whereas I bounce him and ask "Awww, what's wrong?  You ok?"  I don't believe either of us are doing anything wrong with the way we react but I think it's interesting that we have polar opposite reactions.

1:  When you're caring for a baby, which reaction would be most similar to yours?  Or would you react in a way that I haven't described?

Related, I was out today and a guy was getting his hair cut.  He had his 6-month-old daughter (I assume 6 months since she just started eating solids last week but I could be wrong) and she was crying in her car seat that was placed on the chair next to her dad.  Since the dad was getting his hair cut, he couldn't hold her or really do anything but he said to her "What?  Why you crying?  You're a girl.  There's no reason to cry."

2:  Would would be your immediate reaction upon hearing that?
I just cocked my head and went O_o because I was confused.
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