June (bei_en_lun) wrote in thequestionclub,

for those familiar with the SF Bay Area

I have to go to San Fran this summer for some medical stuff. I live in a semi rural area and there's not a lot of good shopping here. I would like to go to some 'boutique' type clothing shops (like independent shops that aren't TOO expensive), where can I find those? Last time we were in SF we drove around and looked for an area like that but didn't find any.

Also what areas are good to stay in that aren't completely run over by bums? Had a bad experience last time staying at a Super 8 and a topless woman bum got down on her knees and begged me for a dollar when I was trying to unload my suitcase from the car. :-(

What is your favorite kind of cheese? What do you like to do with cheese? Ever eaten cheese and pickles together? I like to take a bite of cheese and take a bite of pickle and chew em around in my mouth. The flavors are awesome!
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