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I hope to adopt a lion cub (c.f. Christian the Lion)

TQC, tomorrow I am going to Kenya for six months to volunteer. I am scared. My dad has told me I will be raped by someone with AIDS and they will kill my boyfriend in front of me. Aside from that worrying prospect, I will miss my sister a lot. When I've been overseas to Europe or the US, people have always said, "Wow, have a great time!" Now they're saying, "Okay, well, bye... Um, stay safe! Please don't come back dead!" It doesn't make me feel too good! Having said that, I am really looking forward to going.

So my questions are:
What is going to happen to me in Kenya? 
Do you have any advice for being away from my family for six months when I've never been away nearly that long? 

Finally: GOODBYE, EVERYONE. My internet access will be patchy so I might come on occasionally, but potentially it will be six months without you guys which does make me sad.
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