>:€ (brightflight) wrote in thequestionclub,

Why do I always wake up in the worst physical and mental state ever? Most people I have slept around/with/next to wake up peacefully and gradually, but my wake-ups, with or without alarm clock, are always so painful. I am groggy to the point of a splitting headache, can barely open my eyes, completely parched, needing to pee horribly, foggy-brained and still stuck in my dreams. It takes a good tooth-brushing, a glass of water, washing my face, peeing, and fully eating breakfast and drinking a bunch of juice before I even feel halfway human.

Do I maybe just have a habit of waking up during incomplete sleep cycles?

What kinda Chinese takeout should I get later? I want something shrimpy and spicy, maybe, or chicken, or soup.
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