Megs on a Plane (audiodrops) wrote in thequestionclub,
Megs on a Plane

I am having a party today! Whenever I have a party, I tell people whenever I see them, and then for the people I don't see often, I post the information online in a place that I know they check multiple times a day (such as myspace, whatever), saying HEY GUYS I'M HAVING A PARTY IF YOU CAN READ THIS YOU OUGHT TO COME.

And invariably, I get people moping that they didn't know and that they thought they weren't invited because I didn't go up to them and say "I, Audiodrops, being of sound mind and body, do specifically invite you to this get together, despite the fact that I have already informally invited you multiple ways."

How many people are going to do this this year?

What kind of soda do you like? I have Dr Pepper, Sprite, and then lemonade. We also have an RO system so we have good water and not poop water like normally comes out of the taps here.

When you play the Sims, do you try to do any challenges? I'm doing a legacy challenge right now, and it's mildly boring.
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