G. A. H. Jr. (classicjazzbari) wrote in thequestionclub,
G. A. H. Jr.

Several gas station holds...

Why are there 8 $1 debit holds in my online bank account, when I only swiped my card 4 times, but only made one purchase at a gas station?

Last night, when I went to fill up my car at a nearby gas station and pulled into one of the pumps, the credit/debit card machine at the pump was giving me issues after I put my card in and punched in my ZIP code, telling me to see the cashier (which in hindsight is probably what I should've done). After 3 times, assuming it was a faulty machine (as my checking account, while not perfect, shouldn't have some problem relating to my card), I just pulled around to another pump stall. The card worked, filled up my car (once), and went on my merry way, and just assumed the first pump was having a problem reading my card.

I checked my online bank account this morning and noticed there are 8 $1 debit holds for the gas station's credit/debit card purchase. I can understand if it was 1 hold, or possibly even 4 holds (as I did swipe my card four times), but why would there be 8 holds? I have been to this gas station plenty of times (including once last week), and it's never placed more than one hold on my card before.
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