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Im a human being, and Im entitled to my emotions.

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When your teacher is incapable and immature...

Sorry for my poor English.  If you were learning some language at a private school, which required large amount of money but turned out that the teacher was not very efficient.  What would you do? and it's probably too late to change the class. 

Whenever you tried to ask a quesion, she seems not to have a right answer and even tries to disguise the fact that she doesn't know, and keeps changing the topics. 
Currently, I've been learning at one school but when I ask the teacher about some usage of the words, she answered once and then changed to another, and finally she said "BTW, was Micheal Jackson's death a suprising news for you?".  This attitude even made me feel worse, coz I am a huge fan of Michael and I was too sad to hear about that news on the day before the class.  She even said it was natural that he died because of the surgery.... and she used this topic as a disguise of her insufficient knowledges!  She's probably over 35 and laughs over someone's death.
Anyway, when your teacher is neither quialified nor mature as a human, what would you do? 

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