Pope Gaius Disaster (wu_chan) wrote in thequestionclub,
Pope Gaius Disaster

I've never really worn make-up, but I'm starting to feel it would be a good idea to at least have some good make-up and know how to use it well, even if I don't use it often. The problem of course is that I know as much about it as your average fifth-grader. I don't even know where to start.

I definitely want to get mineral make-up, and I've been eyeing Everyday Minerals and their "free sample make-up kit" that comes with three base foundation colors, one concealer and one blush. But, since it's online it's hard for me to know what colors would be good. I'm so unfamiliar with the whole language of make-up, it's hard to look at the colors and read the descriptions and have any idea what applies to me. I know I'm fair, but how fair? Do I have "yellow to golden undertones" or "peachy undertones"? What the heck does "earthy" mean? What color of blush would be most flattering? What do all those different concealers do?

I'm thinking that since this is basically my first make-up purchase, I should really be doing it in real life, where I can see and maybe try different colors? But I don't know how or where to do that. The only department store type thing we have is a Macy's, (a tiny crappy one,) and I'm not sure I trust that. And it seems like it's not as cost effective to get a proper kit at a place like that, and I wouldn't trust the quality if I did.

So what should I do? Just try my best with the free sample kit and hope I'm not way off the mark? Or suck it in and go to the Macy's counter and hope for the best?

Also, I don't really have any friends who wear make-up well. How can I learn to do it properly and not look trashy? Are there websites or videos for this?

Any general advice is appreciated.
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