liv (synergys) wrote in thequestionclub,

has anyone sufficiently ruined what would have been an awesome surprise for you? tell me about it?

//ETA, my reason for asking:
my mom called me to ask about my car needing an oil change. (i'm interning in china while my fam is back in california) and then she proceeded to tell me my boyfriend had called my sister to tell her to call my aunt (here in china) to buy me some flowers as a surprise. well my sister told my mom so she could call my aunt. but instead she called me and in addition to telling me about the oil change decided to tell me, "just so you know alan told your sister to get you some flowers there. but why don't you just tell alan (boyfriend) that you got them and thank him for it so nobody has to waste money, time, and energy on something as stupid as flowers."

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