Chronic Multiplicity, Chronicled. (spiral_meter) wrote in thequestionclub,
Chronic Multiplicity, Chronicled.

two questions.

question #1:

when i turn on my oven i get this choking, toxic smell that hangs in the air forever. i cant cook anything! see, i did the stupidest thing. i was preparing my dinner and i pulled the fries out of the oven to flip them over, and this super strong, super toxic super glue somehow got melted to the bottom of the cookie sheet. i put it back in the oven and it exploded all over the oven and caused a small fire and the toxic fumes were INTOLERABLE. the fire alarm went off too. my chest really hurt from the fumes and they didnt go away for a long time. clean up was a royal pain. i hope i dont get lung cancer. it doesnt matter how hard i scrub it. i cant figure out how to get rid of this smell that is probably poisoning me. im scared that theres some kind of insulation or other integral part of the oven that is messed up by the glue, and this may be an expensive repair, which would blow a giraffe. i want french fries. :*(

does anyone know what to do?

question #2:

can anyone interpret this? i think its more than one language:

Je l'ai apris il y a plusieurs années et je le métrise asser bien pour me faire comprendre. si esto le molesta a la gente entonces pueden quitarme de su lista de amigos.

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