You can't have sex with "I love you" (isitirony) wrote in thequestionclub,
You can't have sex with "I love you"

Can you guys post some things you find really funny?

I wonder if there's something wrong with me, because I don't generally laugh at the same things that everyone is finding OMGHILARIOUS, and it makes me sad to know that people who are posting "LMAO" and "LOL" probably aren't really laughing out loud, because why the hell am I not if they are?
Even IRL, people will be talking and everyone's laughing and I'm thinking "Um, wow, that wasn't in the least bit funny."

Is there something wrong with me? I miss laughing. :(

The last thing I remember genuininely laughing at was how stupid Confessions of a Shopaholic was. (spinster cart lady dancing in the bridesmaid dress.. haha)
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