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1.) Do you prefer making your own plans for your birthday or other people making plans for you (i.e. your friends asking if they can take you out for drinks or something) ?

2.) Is there someone who, no matter what you do, always comes before you in a relationship with someone else?

My answers:

1.) I always have to be the one to make plans for my birthday. I wouldn't say it goes by unrecognized otherwise, really, but people act as though I'm some sort of miserable person if I don't make a fuss about it. This year I had my hopes up real high that my friends would want to go out for it, especially now that I live closer. It wound up I had to be the one to make plans, again, which consist of rented movies and popcorn, again.

2.) My friend will always put her "best friend" before me. They've known each other since first grade, but have talked likely a grand total of five times in the past ten years. No matter what I seem to do, no matter how much I support her and am there for her, I always come in second. I like the other girl, but resent her at the same time because of this. It's frustrating.
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