I was born to do this dance... (sexcasually) wrote in thequestionclub,
I was born to do this dance...

my neighbor, who my family is very close with, went to her niece's wedding this past weekend and one of the favors was a CD of the couple's favorite songs, I guess. I never heard of that and since I love mixes, thought the idea was ADORABLE!

What are some of the best wedding favors you've gotten?
My friend Nora had chocolate piggy and rooster pops made and a little story about how her and her husband wanted to live on a farm since they were kids...they live on one now, I thought it was adorkable.

What are some of the worst wedding favors you've gotten?
My friend Sam and her husband had these pear magnets that seems really cheap, not even like cute cheap...like bad dollar store cheap. It was very weird.

And since I'm all about weddings these days(I'm a closet wedding nut all of a sudden, don't tell my SO, he'll freak), what would be you're ideal wedding favors?
I love the mix cd idea. I hadn't put much thought into it otherwise.
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