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Joel Stringfellow

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Isn't the death of Billy Mays, of Oxiclean fame, much more important than MJs? I want his autograph years ago, but the web form wasn't working.

I'm watching him now on a new reality show called Pitchmen where Billy Mays and another informercial guy who is semi-famous one, Sully (Anthony Sullivan, British accent), compete in pitching new products from average joes and show behind the scenes of products from existing infomercial companies. Dramaaaaa as they ptich and watch customer respones.

Mayes is being lowered in front of a huge, old style British boat to advertise it being hauled by Mighty Putty right now.

Discovery Channel is running a marathon today in his honor sniffles

PS You think the insurance company he advertises for will stop running ads with him since he died of heart disease?

PPS Mighty Putty is ordinary stuff that you can buy generic for cheap in hardware stores.

EDIT: OMG Sully is claiming to have given Billy the idea for the trademark blue shirt in 1999.

Man Mays got pissy when Sully made ad libbed a joke.
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