Kristin Claire (kbeautyctruthk) wrote in thequestionclub,
Kristin Claire

What is your alcoholic drink of choice?
Jack and dr. pepper, bloody marys, pina coladas.  And BATMANS!

If it's a cocktail/mixed drink, what's it called and what in it?

Have you ever made up a drink and named it?  Again, what did you call it and what's in it?
My friends and I had a REPO! The Genetic Opera party and we made a drink after the Zydrate.  It's bright blue.  We used blue curacoacocoua (I forget how to spell it), sprite, vodka, and blue Hawaiian Punch.

Speaking of names, if you drive, does your car have a name?
My white Hyundai Sonata's name is Pearl, my (well, my brother's now) Chevy Malibu's name is Betty Mali-boop, and my purple, sparkly Hyundai Elantra's name WAS Hendrix (purple haze), but my HILARIOUS douchebag friends named it Eddie after Edward Cullen because...he sparkles in the sun.  We've compromised and it's name is now Eddie Hendrix.

If none of these apply to you, what did you have for dinner yesterday?
I went to Linguinis and had a white pizza with tomatoes, spinach, and feta cheese. Tasty!!
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