Alice (alicetehfairy) wrote in thequestionclub,

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I just woke up and there were maggots all over my living room and kitchen floors, concentrated around the garbage can. Most of them weren't hatched yet, some were in the process of hatching. There wasn't any meat in the garbage can, only a jar of opened caramel- do flys go for that stuff? You'd think they'd get stuck.
Anyway, what are some ways I can prevent this from happening again, and how do I make sure they're all gone? I've vacuumed and mopped multiple times and checked in all the cracks but I'm terrified to look in the trash can so it just went outside, my boy's gonna take it out when he gets home.
There was someone else who had maggots all over their floors, did they ever figure out what caused it? My kitchen is pretty much kept clean, so I'm not a slob or anything.
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