( j a d e d, c y n i c a l, p a r a n o id ) (darkemagick) wrote in thequestionclub,
( j a d e d, c y n i c a l, p a r a n o id )

A Couple of Questions

1) Do you have more friends that are of the same gender as you, or is it the other way round?

2) Which one do you prefer: cats or dogs?

3) Any interesting animal tales to tell?

1) I have more female friends.

2) Cats!

3) I was waiting at a busstop one day, and it was raining really heavily. I was dry because I walked there via a sheltered walkway. And then suddenly I feel something bump into my leg and I looked down, and I saw a really cute tortoiseshell cat near my leg. It was meowing at me really loudly, and from the look of it, extremely wet.

So it was drying itself on my pants, walking round and round my legs until it was satisfied, and walked off.

Tags: animals (not pets), cats, dogs
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