Thunder's Voice (thunders_voice) wrote in thequestionclub,
Thunder's Voice

I was just defrosting some chicken for dinner when the microwave made a popping noise (similar to the noise when a light bulb goes out) and starting making a funny smell. There was nothing in the microwave that shouldn't have been in there, just the chicken. Well, it's broken now. It still runs, but it doesn't heat anything. Would that signal a broken magnetron or something else?

Incidentally, I got this microwave about four years ago, but it has been sitting in a box until about a month ago. This is the first I have actually used it. That means that it is no longer under warranty, but apparently there is still a magnetron warranty good for five years. I know it is unusual to keep a microwave so long with use (it was a gift that I didn't need until now) ... but really, it seems bizarre that it would break after only using it for a month. If it isn't the magnetron, does anyone know what it generally costs to get a microwave fixed?
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