Kambly (justcallmefunk) wrote in thequestionclub,

So I want to buy a digital camera. I know pretty much nothing about them. I've used them before but don't know what to look for in buying my own. The only things I know I want are at least 5 megapixels, a large display and long battery life. The video feature would be cool, but not necessary. I don't think I'd spend over three hundred dollars, but maybe for the perfect camera. And it should hold a lot of pictures.

If you have a camera, what kind? Pros and cons? Is there another you wish you'd bought instead? What should I consider when buying it? And any general knowledge would be appreciated- I was told HP uses plastic lenses instead of the usual glass and they're not that good. That kind of stuff. Or where to go for more information.


Oh, also- it's mostly for personal use, but also for yearbook.
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