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1) How can I stop people stealing my food from the fridge? There can't be more than 5 people here now yet there's still food going missing. Somebody even put a sign up on the fridge saying "Don't steal the food, thieves!", in English so the foreigners have no problem reading it. But that doesn't seem to help either. Other than actually writing my name on everything that belongs to me (and I don't think that'll do much good) I can't see anything that could help.

2) I was throwing some rubbish out earlier and there were two fridges in there. Would it be totally weird of me to see if either of these still work and if they do to take one?

Bonus question: How many songs do you have on your playlist? I have 2021.

And for anyone who cares I ended up seeing Mr and Mrs Smith last night. I thought it was hilarious. The ending rocked.
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