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Harry Potter questions. If you have not read the books or seen the movies... and do not like Harry Potter, please do not answer.

When did you start reading the books?

Have you read all of the books?

How many times have you read the books?

Which book is your favorite one?

What do you think of the movies?

Will you see the new one?

okay... so i am a BIG dork when it comes to Harry Potter. I own all first editions of the Scholastic version of the books. also... when i was living in London i picked up the Bloomsbury version of the books. I prefer reading the Bloomsbury version.

I started to read the books 4 years ago. i picked it up a few months before the first movie came out. i ended up reading no.1 in 24 hours. i ditched class and hung out in my dorm room reading... it was storming out side... so when ever it is stormy i want to read Harry Potter.

I then read no.2-4 in the following two weeks. When 5 came out it took me almost a year to crack it. i was really busy with school and wanted to have plenty of time for reading it. i'm amazed that not one of my friends gave anything away to me. they all finished the book with in a few weeks of its release.

i have read 1 and 2 twice. 3 and 4 four times. 5 once. i have not cracked 6 yet.

3... hands down.

it is hard to turn a book into a movie because the readers have their own vision of the book in their mind. i think Chris Columbus did a wonderful job with 1 and 2. i really liked his vision and the flow of the movies. however, the acting was something to be desired.
i was totally against the third movie when i first saw it. i was upset with Alfonso Cuarón vision and how he changed a lot of things. however, the acting he got out of the kids was a step in the right direction. i am a continuity whore and Alfonso Cuarón had some small things that drove me insane... that were easily fixable. i have seen the movie a few more times and have come to actually appreciate it.

i just saw a trailer for the new movie... and if it is anything like the trailer then i think it is going to be mind blowing.

there... i'm done being a geek!
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