icydays (icydays) wrote in thequestionclub,

DSL Service Providers

As of Sept, my 1-year contract with Bellsouth DSL will be finished. Right now, I have decided not to renew it due to the reason it costs $40 a month. x_x

So, is there any good/low-cost DSL service providers you would recommend? *Talking while surfing online is a plus (I am constantly online). ;)

Also, for those who have DSL:

1.What is your service provider?
2.And how much is it a month?

By the way, I don't know why my DSL service with Bellsouth is $40 a month. I was reading the different DSL options that Bellsouth offers and the lowest one is $24.95 a month (which includes talking while surfing). My Bellsouth DSL service has that option, talking while surfing the web. So, any ideas? My friend says that it is because of extra charges Bellsouth makes which add up. Is that true?

Thanks! Any help is appreciated.
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