B-movie starlet, does her own stunts (foutu) wrote in thequestionclub,
B-movie starlet, does her own stunts

i left some smart ass replies on the mcdonald's personality test and they haven't called me back for a job.

how do i show them i mean business?

edit: well by smart ass replies i mean

they asked how difficult it would be for me to get a job if i don't get that one

i circled "difficult" and wrote "it's a recession eh"

edit: duh i applied other places. i fill out applications seriously and NO ONE calls. in interviews i'm relaxed and i make jokes and people love that. i've tried dumbing down my resume, putting all my experience on my resume, leaving college on, taking it off, different formats, cover letters, telling people i'm not going back to school, telling people i AM going back to school, applying at places i consider to be below mcdonald's, etc and i am STILL unemployed. so i don't have much to lose at this point by leaving a couple of haw haw replies on a job application.
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