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Two computing questions

Hello! Being fairly clueless when it comes to technology I have two questions:

Firstly if I have a movie on vcd and want to copy it to another cd, how to I go about doing that. Can I use a normal recordable cd? Must the computer I use have a dvd drive? How does it all work? Really I'm clueless.

Second question!

I have a wireless Internet connection at home that my computer is connected to (I'm not the hub computer). Problem is my main desktop computer cant use a wireless network card and my second desktop that I use to connect to the Internet has a very small amount of hard drive.

What I want to do is connect the two computers through their LAN network cards using those red cables (crossover cables?). Hopefully using one computer to access the Internet and the other to store everything will give me more memory space. Would this work? Someone told me it would interfere with my wireless connection. Just to clarify I don’t want to use both computers to access the Internet. If anyone could help that would be great!
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