You can't have sex with "I love you" (isitirony) wrote in thequestionclub,
You can't have sex with "I love you"

How would you interpret a dream about not being able to breathe, and nobody notices?

Do you read a lot into your dreams? Do you think they mean something?

Or do you never really remember your dreams?

srs needed & non-srs for the lulz

Mom-in-law and her boyfriend are staying with us after my boyfriend and I spent a week at each other's throats trying to get the guest room re-done..
I am none too impressed with my boyfriend's behavior and the shit he thinks he's getting away with. I may be biting my tongue, but I'm ready to snap.
Right now there is just nothing I can do, and I feel supressed and helpless.

A minor upset: I was really looking forward to watching the MMVAs for the last couple weeks.. and I realized it was on the night they came into town... I told them I wanted to watch it and the reason why. They said they'd watch it, but not even 10 minutes into it they looked bored out of their skulls and decided to go for a walk, taking my boyfriend with them. Well I wasn't going to be 'that' girlfriend, and went with them... but now I'm just upset about it.. *sigh* Pathetic, y/y?
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