Jenna (xojennakateox) wrote in thequestionclub,

Can you help me TQC??

I've recently been training for a new restaurant job (and I NEED this job)> When I applied they told me that I have to pass the test in order to get on the floor, but they would help me learn all of the information through a series of different wine classes and dinners. Then I was given a big fat packet of info to study.

Well, I was promised all of these classes, but when the time came, they just put me on the floor instead. The closest thing I've gotten was an expo shift, that turned into a food runner shift after the first hour. The only thing I learned from that was the table numbers. I've studied my packet every night, but it's impossible to learn all of it without the hands on experience. The only thing I'm perfect at is the table service, because that's the only thing I've actually been taught.

I took the test yesterday and failed it miserably. I got a phone call from the GM today, saying that he had taken me off the schedule because it seemed as though there was no effort on my part.

So my question is, how do I explain to him that I put in as much effort as humanly possible, but that he was the one that didn't keep his end of the bargain and put in a little bit of effort with me, without sounding like a complete and total dickwad?

Thanks TQC!
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