Nonvenomous (nonvenomous) wrote in thequestionclub,

TQC, I need opinions please!

Should I rescue this kitty?

Our apartment complex has this kitty that wanders it. I thought at first that it was someone's cat but it's always outside so I really have no clue. I just ignored the fact that it might be homeless. One of our neighbors feeds it so I think that is why it keeps coming back, or stays around. But she's super friendly and let's you cuddle and pet her all you want. She even follows you if you call. She's not skinny (leading me to believe she has an owner) but her paws are kinda banged up (leading me to believe she's not taken good care of.) Her fur is really dirty and dusty so I truly don't think she has an owner.

So today I'm walking to the local Starbucks and she starts following me. I pet her and noticed that she had this "collar" attached to her: It's one of those bandsyou get at bars or concerts and it has a phone number on it and an email . I call the number and no response. I emailed them and no response either. I'm thinking someone put it there as a "if we come back and it's off it's someone's cat, if not, we'll rescue it" kinda thing?

She followed me about a block and then I started feeling bad. I'm thinking she must not have a home cause if she did the owner would have taken the "collar" off of her. I really want to take her in now, just in case she is a homeless kitty. So I went to the lady in the building (btw, there's 24 apartments to a building, and 12 or so buildings here - so asking around who's cat it is would take forever) who leaves cans of food out for her, and she said it's a neighbors cat. But I asked which neighbor and she couldn't tell me because she didn't know.

So I kinda want to take this cat in and make sure it has a good home. I already have a cat and my cat and wandering kitty might not get along so I'm hesitant to do it. Though I can always try right? I'm also kinda hesitant to take it in if it really is a neighbors cat.

What would you do? Should I try to take her and home her with me? Should I take her to a shelter. Should I leave her?
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