Amberlina (wecaughtonfire) wrote in thequestionclub,

I may be pregnant.
I have a week until I can take a test, or know by my period.

Can I just start this by saying if you're going to smear me for being a baby killer, I won't consider your opinion any? Not to be rude at all..

My boyfriend and I had always agreed on abortion. It being the best way to deal with an unwanted pregnancy as I was in high school, and a college prep one, so it would be impossible to complete school and be pregnant. Also, my mother did not know I was sexually active, and my father at the time was a hardcore, judgmental, Christian man with a closed mind.

But now my father is out of the picture, and my mother knows that I am sexually active. I'm out of high school and in a college I feel I could easily pass while being pregnant. By this I mean that I am considering adoption. The only problem being that I haven't told my boyfriend about these secret thoughts, and he's one of the men that would really just love to take a pill and have it all go away. However, after years of having God shoved down my throat, it does get to me, and I do want to consider adoption.

My only dilemma? Talking to him about it. I won't even bother until it is confirmed. I'm sure he'll have good reasons for abortion as I'll have good reasons for adoption. But in the end, neither of us want to keep the child if it is there. Also, his mother. The only person who I'm really, truly afraid of, would DEFINITELY NOT be happy about it. And seeing as how my mother was a good reason for me in the past, would his mother be a good reason for me now? (Good being in my opinion...)

I'm asking you what I should do. The two friends I would discuss this with have to opposite opinions. One is anti-abortion, and one is pro. So I'm trying the internet. I know I need to talk to him, but if I am right that he wouldn't want to even do adoption, should I stand by my newest thought? Should I shut up and just ask you guys after we've talked about it and weighed the options? Should I just go back to the abortion theory seeing as how there are too many children without homes in the world now...? I'm so lost..

I'm sorry if this offended anyone, I suppose.
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