. (heysmilepretty) wrote in thequestionclub,

cars and cupcakes

So this morning when I went out, the "change oil" light on my car went on and didn't turn off, even though I'm still about 800 miles from being "due" for an oil change. If you know anything about cars, can you give me some insight as to wtf...?

Will you tell me about the last fail you had/did/took part in?
Cupcake fail. :( I wanted to bake my bf chocolate cupcakes with mini Reese's cups baked in for his birthday, and first I got the wrong size papers, and THEN in the first batch I made, the Reese's cups sank to the bottom and burned onto the cupcake tin. The second batch I made, I filled the cups WAY too much and it kind of oozed over the sides of the pan onto the floor of the oven. There was enough for 6 more (smaller!!) cupcakes after that, sooo, happy birthday :( lol
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