Home of Papyrus, Cat Macros & Unpopular Opinions (djmadadam) wrote in thequestionclub,
Home of Papyrus, Cat Macros & Unpopular Opinions

A bunch of weeks back, a new participant in my Tuesday night dinner group (let's call him 'T') expressed interest in me to the guy who'd invited him to join the group (let's call him 'J').

So, in mentoning this to me, 'J' says, "You know -- he's uncut." "OK," I respond, "but why do you think I'd be concerned about that?" 'J' replies, "Well, you being Jewish."

I forgot that my Judaism prevents me from eating pork, shellfish and milk with dairy, and, as well, from chewing on foreskin.

Can you describe some innocent, funny things about Jews and Judaism that have been said to you or in earshot of you?
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