xprivate_radiox (xprivate_radiox) wrote in thequestionclub,

For those of you who have large tattoos that needed to be done in more than one sitting, how did you decide to split the sessions up? Did it end when it got to be too much, or did you have a certain amount of time per session? Was your artist willing to work with you if you had a limited budget that you could spend per session?

I ask because I want to get a half-sleeve and I'm aware that it'll need to be split into probably 2-4 sessions. My main concern is that I want to only spend about $300-$350 (plus tip) a session. Unfortunately, I get paid every 2 weeks and need to have money for gas to last me between paychecks, though I can definitely afford $300-$350 per sitting. The general rate I've been getting is somewhere around $100/hour, so I'm thinking I could just ask the artist to split it up into several 3-hour sessions. Is this acceptable? Will the artist understand that I can only afford so much until my next paycheck, or should I just wait and save up all the money and then get it done? I have tattoos, but none that required more than one session, so I'm kind of a noob to this :( Oh, and I would be getting each session pretty close together (most likely right after the fresh part heals), not waiting months between sessions if that makes any difference.

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