Karli (actionblast) wrote in thequestionclub,

I was invited by my boyfriend's mom to his cousin's wedding on Friday. I've never met the cousin, or her fiance. I have no idea if it's formal or not; the only specification I was given was not to wear white or black. ALL of my dresses are white or black, and the only skirt I have is a beachy flower print that's not really wedding material.

I was planning on just buying a new dress to wear, but my bank account is lower than I thought after just paying my phone bill, and I can't really afford spending more than $20 to wear a one-time dress. I don't have a decent pair of heels either and I can't imagine flip flops would be acceptable!

So TQC, should I...
a. not go! I don't even know the damn girl anyways.
b. look at the local thrift store for a dress/shoes.
c. be cheap and wear the flower print skirt with flip-flops.
d. any other ideas? help!
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