And THEN, (ships_sail) wrote in thequestionclub,

(1) Ok, so, this is boring and lame but it's a serious problem and I need help, I answer your stupid questions all the time so it's only fair.

So, I'm doing this internship thing, and I have 22 more hours to do. I could easily do that by Thursday and be done. In fact, I HAVE to be done by Friday. HOWEVER, there's this guy I work with who I'd like to "hang out with," and I think he'd also like to hang out with me, too (I know he does), but he won't be in until MONDAY at the earliest. So, if all goes according to plan, I will never see him again in my life. He doesn't have my phone number, so it's important that he gets that, somehow.

HOWEVER2, I have some TVs (long story) to pick up at work. Would it be way too obvious to try and like, take a long weekend and then come in for a short while and pick up TVs? Should I pretend like all 3 of the TVs don't fit in my car, and come back on Tuesday, too? Ideas, please.

(2) In the same vein, I was thinking of writing personal thank-you notes to the people who were really awesome and giving cupcakes to everyone. What's the etiquette regarding this? Could I write a general "thank you all" letter and THEN individual letters + a small platter of mini cupcakes for each department? What do you think? (Could I also include my phone number in his thank-you note?)

if this was tl;dr, did you ever do a long internship? tell me about it
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