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You probably don't remember...but a while ago I made this post.

Well, I decided to blow him off because I didn't really need that sort of stress in my life, and I used the excuse that I was called into work to get out of meeting him.

...and then he turned up at my work. o_0
For those of you who hadn't figured out already I am NAKED at work....so it is a little creepy for people I know to visit me. He turned up 3 nights in a row and on the 3rd night the bouncers wouldn't let him in because he kept asking for my address etc.

Also he keeps sending me texts like this:

"I have loved you for one quarter century! If that means nothing to you then perhaps goodbye forever!!!!"


"I'm here with the intention of catching up with you because I care. Yet you are playing games with me! I'm going up north where I'll speak to your mother..."

I have not replied and the texts come in about once every half hour...

How worried should I be?
Do you think he will just go away if I ignore him?
What would you do in this situation?
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