dainty_empress (dainty_empress) wrote in thequestionclub,

cherry bug

 I was eating some cherries I got from a local farmer when suddenly an incredibly foul smell hit my nose, similar to sweaty feet. Turns out my feet smell fine, so I worry there might be a rotten cherry. By then the smell has dissapeared. I clear out the (perfectly fine) cherries and see a little black bug. First I thought "Surely not.." but when I poked it, the smell came back.

I'm fascinated by this tiny bug, that smells so awful. I want to read about it but don't know what it's called? Tried googling it [bug smells like feet], no luck there. I tried taking a picture, but my macro isn't strong enough. It's black, has a supple hind body and tiny wings that do not seem to work and it's about 4mm/0.15 inches long.
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