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My dad is a CPA and the other day one of his clients was telling him how his step-daughters were doing (I'm sure my dad updated him about how my brother and I are doing as well). I used to know both of them back in high school (one is a year older than me and the other a year younger, each was a friend of a friend). It turns out the younger girl is engaged, but her mother and step-father are not happy about it. She met this guy online who lives in CA (we are in CT) and they talked online for about 6 weeks and then he moved out to CT. They met each other one time and then set a wedding date. They are both unemployed, so I don't know where they plan on living or how they plan on supporting themselves. The guy is, apparently, a Goth minister who has no church, so maybe he plans on starting a Goth church here (there aren't any already here that I know of). This girl has clearly not thought this whole thing through, y/n? What was the last thing you heard about someone you used to know that made you lol? (I loled pretty damn hard about this)
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