Beatface. (mindlessdork) wrote in thequestionclub,

Violent-Video-Game-Playing Zombies Know You're A Procrastinating, Vampire-Loving Horror.

TQC, I have been unable to sleep at all, I feel a virus coming on, and the flesh on my right hand is seemingly rotting.
I am turning into a zombie y/n?

I've really been in the mood lately for awesome 80's B-grade horror movies.
Will you recommend me one?
Alternatively or also, will you recommend me a zombie flick?

I've also really been in the mood for video games.
Will you recommend me a game to seek out for my N64?
Should I continue my day of procrastination and break out the N64?
Are you procrastinating right now? If so, what are you putting off and why?

How long do you think it will take for tonight's episode of True Blood to make it online?
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