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I am planning on taking a few grad school courses in the fall, but not actually matriculating into the program I want until later on (probably in the spring and that is only provided my application gets accepted). I checked the Sallie Mae website and it says that they give student loans to both part and full time graduate students, but I couldn't find anything on the website to tell me whether or not part time students had to actually be accepted into a graduate program to get a student loan. Does anyone here know anything about this? Will I be able to get a student loan if I am taking grad school courses but am not actually officially enrolled in the grad school program (which is the ECE/Special Ed Masters program, not that it really makes a difference) yet? I am planning on calling Sallie Mae tomorrow to ask, but I am kind of impatient to find out and start getting things together so I can talk to the school (I wanted to get loan info before I did anything else) so I figured I'd ask here to see if anyone might know anything (and maybe save myself a phone call in the process).
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