Wily as a coyote (fourcorners) wrote in thequestionclub,
Wily as a coyote

Moral oral

You're in the park one day when you see Michael Jackson running towards you. "The paparazzi are after me! I'm going to hide under this bridge. Here's $1,000. Don't tell anyone where I am!'. He hands you the cash and sashays under the bridge like a troll. Several cameramen come running into the area a couple minutes later. "Hey, did you see Michael Jackson run by here? If you tell us where he went, we'll give you $100'. What do you do?

I took MJ's money and agreed I wouldn't tell anyone where he was. I stand by my word and refuse the $100
I take the hundred and point to the bridge. It's not my business. I just want more money
I collapse on the floor, unable to handle the strain of such a vexing moral challenge

You're still in the park when a man in nice duds approaches you. 'My ex-wife is a bitch. We were only married a year and she took half of everything, even though she was the one who was cheating. And just to spite me, she got custody of Roger, my dog, who I love like a child. I've had him for 10 years and it kills me that I'm not allowed to approach him, thanks to the restraining order she put up. Will you help me? Here's $10,000. She's in the park today. I want you to run over, hit her in the face. Hard. And then, take the dog from her and bring him to me. Will you do it?'

Hell yeah. That bitch is going down
No. I don't want to be in the middle of this
'Make it 20k and you got a deal'
I refuse, and then call 911 and report him for attempted battery or something
I refuse and find the ex-wife and warn her what her ex is planning

On this eventful day at the park, you come across a tall bridge, where a man is standing on the edge, about to jump off. When you ask what he's doing, he tells you his sad story. He's financially ruined, his kids have disowned him, widower, and he fears he may have an STD from one lonely night where he couldn't stand to be alone. Sad. 'I have no one left in my life and no money. The only thing I do have that's still pretty cool is my 2008 Jaguar, parked out front. Listen, if I go through with this, you can have my car'. He seems like he wants you to talk him out of the jump. What do you do?

Try and talk him out of killing himself
'Yeah, your life is pretty fucked up. If I were you, I'd kill myself too. It's all ruined. Where's the keys at?'
Take his car keys and push him off the ledge myself
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