Caitlin (kiffany) wrote in thequestionclub,

Should I take tomorrow off work, TQC? I am actually quite sick - I'm exhausted even though I've done nothing all weekend, my body aches, my head hurts and my voice is almost completely gone. I have a virus; and not only do I not want to give it to anyone in the office but I'm a receptionist and there's no point in me being there if I can't answer the phone or greet people coming in.

On the downside though, my boss will probably guilt me about it for all eternity, she'll likely email me stuff she wants me to do at home even if I tell her I won't be on the computer; and I don't plan on going to the doctor's (I was already there on Friday!) for a note, so she might think I'm just recovering from a big weekend, and therefore give me hell about it when I return to work.

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