Theopompus (theopompus) wrote in thequestionclub,

parental relations

When was the last time you had a real heart to heart (I hate that phrase what I mean is a truthful conversation about plans and how your doing)  with you parents?

Mine was about 5 minutes ago. This was with my father and I think it turned out alright mostly about my plans for the future and how I am doing right now. Also it included how great of parents they were and how because of that I am able to keep my life on track.


If you haven't had one recently or needed one recently alternate question, should I start drinking with a buddy of mine?

If yes what should i drink?  Options include beer, whiskey, and vodka.

Second alternate question what was the last play or movie that inspired you to do something?

Mine was Gran Torino and it inspired me to call my father.


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