Alice (alicetehfairy) wrote in thequestionclub,

Will you post any creepy/funny ads from your area craigslist?
I've got this guy:
Creepy because he's been reposting that ad at least every two weeks for the past year, maybe longer. Obviously he's a creeper but even creepers find roommates eventually.

Edit: For the fashion forward, would you wear these clothes with these shoes out in public?

My friend came by, we were gonna go out for lunch, and she sees what I'm wearing. "You can't wear those shoes with that!" she exclaims. "It doesn't match!" because the shoes are kind of a plaid material, she says, and even though the trim and shoulder straps on my shirt are green, I can't wear them.
Blasphemy. I changed my shoes because she was driving and she refused to leave until I did, but still. Validate me, internet!
btw the shoes aren't quite that color in person. They're these:

And, if I'm wrong and I shouldn't wear these shoes with that shirt, what could I wear the shoes with?

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