Wily as a coyote (fourcorners) wrote in thequestionclub,
Wily as a coyote

Poll #1415201 Uncomfortable sexual questions

It's payday and you just went to the bank. You had a few errands at some cash-only businesses the next day and you were planning a big trip the next day, so you took out your entire paycheck in cash, however how much that may be. You're walking across the street in the empty lot where you parked your car (the bank's lot was full), when you're approached by a guy with a gun. "So horny', he says. "I gotta get some ass. Either give me all the money you're carrying, or give me oral sex. So....money or honey!" He kind of looks like an even hick-ier version of Larry the Cable Guy. What do you offer him?

Money (all of it)
Honey (you love him long time with your mouth)
Both.(you kind of needed some sex, too, and you were almost willing to pay someone to suck them off)

Ladies, this question is for you. You're having sex with your SO (pretend if you're single), and he/she/it is penetrating you in a new angle. This angle is JUST right and you're suddenly on the quick road to Orgasmville, population: you. It's the best, most intense sexual experience you've ever had and you're about to go buck wild in a minute and counting down. It feels SO DAMN GOOD you almost can't stand it. However, because of this new angle and the peculiar way the penis/finger/strap-on is penetrating you, a lot of air is getting in and you're suddenly aware that you're queefing to beat the band. With each thrust, your orgasm gets closer to Ground Zero, but also, each thrust makes you queef loudly. About another minute to go before you explode in pleasure, but that also means another 20 queefs. Your SO's face somewhere between amusement and disgust. What do you do?

Continue, and ride out this vag-farty express to the biggest O in my life
I stop my SO before I get off, and finish at another angle and settle for a less-than-groundbreaking orgasm
I hop out of bed and lock myself in the bathroom. I'm so embarrassed

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