Bad_lcuk (bad_lcuk) wrote in thequestionclub,

To all the TQC Ladies,
I just got my convertible insured, which is awesome, since my 'work' car smells like this cleaning oil you put in your gas tank...Either way, my friends want to go to the beach and lounge while playing tons of summery, top 40 music. The unfortunate thing is, Im a bit more of a metal fan, so I dont know of any music that would be awesome for them. But since I am the only one with a really good computer/burner, I have been told to create a few mix CDs with top 40s/club remixes for summer funness in a convertible. I have been listening to local top 40 radio but a lot of stuff is slow or countryish. They want stuff that is more dance and pop, not Kelly Clarkson. Any great ideas?

So far I have:
Fire burning - Sean Kingston
When I grow up (some remix) - Pussycat Dolls
Bang bang (she shot me) - K'naan ft whoever
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