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What would you say the low point of your life has been?

What did you do to pull yourself up and carry on? Inspire me!

If you're lucky and haven't had anything you consider a "low point", what's the most inspiring thing you've heard of/seen lately?

I'm living my low-point right now. In a nutshell in the last 9 months I've become unemployed, separated from my wife, and thanks to those things (plus a bit of other bad luck like car breakdowns) also found myself in more debt than I'd like. Had to choose this month between paying my cellphone or paying a speeding ticket, so now I have no phone until I pay the past due and reconnect fee. All in all it's been a pretty craptastic time.

Thankfully I've got self-confidence, have a college degree, and know what I'm worth even when things are down. but I'd still love to hear other people's tales.

My current "pick me up" inspiration is the new Black Eyed Peas single "I Gotta Feeling".
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