sasarai (ex_sasarai) wrote in thequestionclub,

My family wants to go on vacation and they want me to come just for two days (I have school so I can't stay longer than a weekend). The problem is, I don't know what to do with my cat. I should probably take her to a kennel, but I don't know what it is that makes her so afraid of carriers. Maybe she has some fear of being abandoned or something, but whenever she sees one, she'll run, hide, hiss, etc. And if you get her in one, or even get her out of the house, she starts to cry like she's in pain. (It makes vet trips a real hassle.) Last time I tried to take her to a friend's house, he called me a few times saying she'd tried to run away. And then when I got her back, she had fleas. D:

I don't want to put my cat under the stress of leaving the house, even for two days. My father is strongly against the idea of me giving my house key to a volunteer (I volunteer at a cat rescue) to feed her in the mornings and says if I leave the cat alone for a few days, it'll be fine. I know cats are independent, but I can't agree with that.

Basically, what should I do for my cat to make sure she's taken care of for those two days? Should I give one of the volunteers my key anyway and just not say anything about it? Should I suck it up and take her elsewhere? Should I leave extra food out for her? Or should I just stay and make sure she's fed and taken care of? Any advice at all would be appreciated!

(Crossposted because I so trust the sound logic of people I don't even know.)
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