name (overandoverture) wrote in thequestionclub,

I work 5 days a week where I walk 6-8 miles a day. I also do a lot of lifting (usually no more than 50-75 pounds, but once in a while 100+). That being said, should I [A] start jogging before work (a mile or so) [B] just keep up the walking and weight lifting on my days off, or [C] something else entirely? I've started eating better and lost some weight and toned up since starting work 3 months ago, but I'm still overweight (technically obese if you ask a doctor) and would like to lose about 100 pounds. I plan on talking to my doctor about this when I see her at the end of the month, too.

If you dgaf, what song have you recently rediscovered that you forgot you loved? I can't stop listening to "Standing Outside The Fire" by Garth Brooks. I'm not even a big huge country fan, I just happened upon a Garth Brooks CD and thought "Oh shit, I forgot about this song!"
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