Kate (low_billions) wrote in thequestionclub,

My cartilage piercing stuck, infected, sucked into my ear

I haven't frequented TQC in a good three years, but I figured that this would be the best palce to pose this question.

I am currently having some major trouble with my cartilage piercing. Somehow, lots of hair got wrapped and tangled around the back of it (from the back of my ear to the clasp) and pulled the ball of it into my ear. My skin has all but healed around it, leaving just a small piece of the metal visible, and the ball has pretty much been sucked into my upper ear. I can't undo the clasp, and touching the area HURTS.

I have to get this out by myself. I don't have health insurance, and the only sliding scale clinic in the area is booked until July 19th. I need to get this out.

I plan to carefully use tweezers to lift up the hair, and to use a small pair of scissors to cut the hair away from the piercing. Hopefully this will allow me to get the clasp off. I don't know what to do after that. Can I use Orajel on the area to numb it? What do I do about the ball? Can I just try to dig it out? Is there any way to make this procedure hurt less?

Has anyone ever seen this before? I don't even know how to begin searching for this ("Ear cartilage+ hair + removal" doesn't seem to work). Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Edit: Thanks for the help guys. I've removed some of the hair from the piercing, which has removed some of the pressure on the piercing. I pretty much just need to get the ball out at this point, which is easier now that it's not held back by the hair. It seems like there's scaring around the ball, which I'm going to try to alleviate by using vinegar.
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