. (heysmilepretty) wrote in thequestionclub,

Hay, TQC. I'm by myself for another week, and my stupid bf left his phone in my car so I won't even get to talk to him while he's gone. >:( lol. What's the last thing that annoyed you? How about the last thing that amused you?

This evening should I take an OTC sleep aid (I haven't been sleeping too well lately) and watch a movie until I fall asleep, or should I break open the hopefully delicious bottle of raspberry wine I bought yesterday as my first ~legal~ alcohol purchase and drunk TQC?

What are your plans for the week?
I have class from 8am-2pm on Tues and Thurs, at some point I need to find/"scope out" 5 potential houses to rent/move into in August, on Fri I'm driving to the archaeological site my bf is working at, then continuing on to St. Augustine and spending the weekend there before backtracking on Sunday afternoon. Oy.
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