Kristin (brainvsmind) wrote in thequestionclub,


I'm 27, a female, and non-smoker... except I quit a 10 year addiction to weed about 82 days ago, so YAY me! I recently smoked about 10 cigs in the span of 3 hours on a trip home from Wisonsin back to Chicago. Ever since then, this voice has been nagging me to buy a pack. The cigs didn't do anything much for me, except when I got down near the filter I got a bit light headed.. So TQC, I have a few questions for you and keep in mind if I did buy a pack I'd buy menthol!

1) The Newport Lights burn so fast! What cigs burn slow and taste good? The Newport lights tasted ok to me..

2) What type of buzz do you get from smoking cigs? Cause for me, it just kinda replaced that feeling of smoking a joint, you know holding a cig, inhaling, lighting it... The cigarettes did make me a little light headed/dizzy but the feeling only lasted for seconds.

3) Do you smoke cigarettes more for the physical effects, or is it just a habit/ritual?

4) I guess this is like number 1, but what are your favorite brand of cigarettes to smoke?

So, bring on the telling mr not to start smoking at age 27 after quitting the weed thing. Can you also answer my questions, too?
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